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Worm Castings 100% Organic Vermi Compost/Fertiliser/Soil Improver/Potting


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Worm Castings Organic Vermi Compost

Organic Vermi Compost is produced by the feeding action of earthworms. Earthworms ingest organic matter, fragmenting and grinding it into a finely divided material with high porosity, aeration, drainage and water holding capacity. This process enhances microbial activity and accelerates the rate of decomposition. This leads to a humification effect where nstable organic matter or decomposing plant and animal matter is oxidized and stabilized.

Humus forms the dark brown or black mass of the upper soil and is important for storing and releasing plant nutrients. The process is similar to composting except it is non thermophillic or a cold process utilising naturally occurring soil dwelling micro organisms.

Organic Vermi Compost contains a far more diverse microbial population than other composts. Micro organisms play an important part in soil fertility, they not only mineralize complex substances into plant available nutrients but bacteria in the earthworms' digestive system also synthesize a whole series of biologically active substances including plant growth regulators.

Use of Organic Vermi Compost has also been shown to reduce the incidence of plant diseases. Research indicates that microbial activity and the make-up of the microbial communities existing in Organic Vermi Compost play an important role in plant growth responses. The reason appears to be that different microbes act on different substances from simple sugars to complex substances. If any are missing it will inhibit growth. The diversity of microbes in Organic Vermi Compost supplies a balanced and rich soil fauna to any soil or growing media.

Application Rates

Soil based applications

For trees, shrubs, herbaceous borders, bulbs, fruit trees, bushes, lawns, grass and vegetables:

1st Application now @ 1 Litre/m2 followed by annual applications of @ 1 Litre/m2 in Spring/Summer

Best Applied to soil surface and lightly raked; nature will take the beneficials and their goodness to the root zone.

For planting trees, shrubs and root balled plants:

Back fill with your natural soil and 5%-10% Organic Vermi Compost

Compost / Growing Media Applications

For best results Organic Vermi Compost with Elixir Rock Dust in non-soil based growing media [commonly, butnot always accurately, referred to as compost].

For all crops/plants in all types/sizes of containers mix 5% Elixir Rock Dust and 5% Organic Vermi Compost with the growing media.

E.g. If using 90 litres of growing media mix in 5kg of Elixir Rock Dust and 5 litres of Organic Vermi Compost.

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