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Vegetable & Brassica Calcium + Nitrate + Boron Granular Quick release Fertiliser


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Vegetable & Brassica Calcium + Nitrate + Boron Granular Quick release Fertiliser

15.5% N + 18% CaO + Boron

Vegetables & Brassica Pro Grower Top Dressing is a high calcium blended fertiliser which helps to build strong cell walls, helps with leaf growth and make your veg larger.

Boron is a micronutrient necessary for plant growth. Without adequate boron in the soil plants may appear to be healthy but will not flower or fruit. Boron also helps the natural transport of sugars within the plant. It is also a vital component for cell division and seed development.

Application Rates Early Season High Season
Asparagus (new), Carrots, Raddish, Rhubard (new), Spinach 10g/m2 30-40g/m2
Asparagus (established), Beans, Courgettes, Onions (spring), Parsnips, Sweetcorn, Swede, Turnip 20-30g/m2 40-60g/m2
Leeks, Marrows 30-40g/m2 60-70g/m2
Celary, Onions (salad), Rhubarb (established) 50-60g/m2 80-90g/m2
Beetroot, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Onions (overwintered) 70-80g/m2 90-110g/m2
Cabbage, Sprouts 80-90g/m2 110-130g/m2

Please Note

As with any blended fertiliser an even distribution of all the granules will achieve best results. These application rates are general guidance only and your final results may vary on many other factors beyond plant nourishments.

The appearance of this fertiliser can change between batches due to the raw ingredients used in production.

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