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Spring/Summer Lawn Fertiliser/Feed - 12-3-9 +0.5FE


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Spring & Summer Professional Lawn Grass Paddock Feed/Fertiliser 12-3-9 +0.5FE

A superb micro granule Spring and Summer lawn food, kickstarts treatment with valuable nutrients that will have been removed during the winter months.

Contains added nitrogen for steady growth, phosphate and potash for ever growth and with added magnesium to green up your lawn. it also contains a moss controller to dispose of any moss that might have gathered over the winter.

NPK 12 - 3 - 9 + 0.5 Fe + 0.8 MgO

Application Rates

70g/m2. Use every 3-4 weeks for a lovely healthy green lawn which is moss free. Use from March-August

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