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Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer | 575g | Treats Up To 115m²

Growing success advanced slug killer is a blue pellet containing a naturally occurring active ingredient, ferric phosphate. The pellets can be used around edible and non-edible plants. On moist soil or in humid conditions granules take up water and begin to swell. Slugs prefer moist and soaked granules.

Once attracted to and consuming the bait pellet, slugs cease to feed. They then crawl into the ground or a secluded location to die, leaving no unsightly trace of slime secretion and no necessity to collect corpses. The product is approved by organic farmers & growers for use in organic systems; growing success advanced slug killer contains ingredients that conform to annex 11a of EEC 2092/91 (modified) allowed for organic farming.

For use only as a home garden slug killer

When to use

At the first sign of plant damage use as directed during late evening or early morning when slugs are most active

How to use

Evenly scatter the pellets around all edible and non-edible plants (e.g. Hostas, bedding plants, strawberries, lettuce, cabbages, etc.) at 5g per square metre

Repeat treatment may be necessary to maintain control, to a maximum of 4 treatments per crop

Safety Instructions

Keep children and pets away from spillages

Wash hands after use

When using do not eat, drink or smoke

Environmental Protection

Do not empty into drains

Do not contaminate water with the product or its container

Storage and Disposal

Keep product in original container, tightly closed, in a safe place

Dispose of unused product in its container at a household waste site (civic amenity site) - contact your local council (local authority) for details

Dispose of empty container in the dustbin

The product is approved under the control of pesticides regulations 1986

Contains 10g/kg ferric phosphate

MAPP no. 15547

PCS no. 02121

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