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Scrap Free Original Max Tapener Plant Tying Machine


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Scrap Free Original Max Tapener Plant Tying Machine , MAX HT-B (NL)

MAX TAPENER has been proven over 30 years in the grape, tomato and olive industries and so on. It is also chosen by leading nurseries around the world as the most efficient and careful method of binding tree and stakes together. It increasews the working efficiency by 3 to 5 times as compared to conventional tying methods.

The MAX hand tying machine is ideal for tying climbers, shrubs, trees and any other plants that require support. The machine applies a plastic tape around the plant and support to which it is tied, the tape is applied, stapled and cut simultaneously creating a loop.

This Max Tapener is the machine only, does not include a blade, tape or staples.

No More Mess, With This Scrap Free Solution

Specifications of HT-B (NL)
Dimentions 158mm (Height) x 29mm (Width) x 336mm (Length)
Binding Size ø20mm + ø50mm
Maximum Staples 172pcs - 604E-L Staples
Weight 510g
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