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Root Trainer Deep Haxnicks Propagation System Re-Useable Cell Pack + Seed Tray + Lid


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Deep Rootrainers

Unique Propagating Tray for Seeds, Plugs & Cuttings

  • Reusable - Can Last for Years
  • Especially brilliant for sweet peas, runner beans, broad beans, French beans, sweetcorn, strawberries and all deep rooted flowers, fruit and vegetables
  • The cells open up like book for easy transplanting without root disturbance
  • Grooved to direct roots downwards and straight
  • Air pruning system prevents pot-bound plants
  • Each Pack contains 32, 12cm reusable cells with a holding tray and propagation lid

Air Pruning

The first roots race down the special grooves and quickly emerge through the drainage holes. The tips die off naturally causing masses of side roots to develop higher in the cell. This results in a super root system all set to feed a perfect plant

Rootrainers encourage optimum root formation; including strong roots; a fundamental requirement of healthy and successful growth. The rectangular shape of each plant cell provides a greater surface area and the grooves allow more roots to develop on the outside of the plug.

How to use Rootrainers

  • Fold the book inserts in half and place one by one into the holding tray. Lightly dampen once all the inserts are in place.
  • Using a good multi purpose moist compost - pile compost over tray and brush it into side and corner cells.
  • Give the tray a bump to settle the compost - Top up if required.
  • Brush off any excess compost to reveal the cell tops
  • Add a little water with a watering can fitted with a rose
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