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Organ-X Spider Killer, Repellent, Eradicator, Controller, Deterrent


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Organ-X Home Defender

The Organ-X Home Defender will deodorise those unwanted pet odours and household smells that attract unwanted pests.

Ideal to use in the following areas:
  • ✔ Animal Breeding Areas
  • ✔ Animal Litter Areas
  • ✔ Kitchens
  • ✔ Lounge
  • ✔ Bedrooms
  • ✔ Bathrooms
  • ✔ Conservatory
  • ✔ Waste Areas
  • ✔ Food & Beverage Areas
  • ✔ Animal Shelters
  • ✔ Vets
  • ✔ Catteries
  • ✔ Kennels

Instructions for Use

Gently shake canister prior to removing the lid, close all windows and try and make the room as draft proof as possible, Place Organ-X fumer on a heatproof surface before ignition. Light the fuse of the fumer and leave immediately making sure you close the door behind you. Allow the turner to work for a minimum of 2 hours, after the time period re-enter the room and open all the windows and doors to allow air to circulate for an additional 2 hours minimum.

  • Keep fumer out of reach from children and pets.
  • Store fumer away from food, drink and animal foodstuffs
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