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MMC Pro 5Lt Moss/Algae Killer


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MMC-Pro 5Lt Moss/Algae Killer Professional Patio Hard Surface Cleaner

MMC-Pro is biodegradable, PH-neutral, contains no bleach or acids and is fully HSE-approved. MMC-Pro is the easiest and most effective way to tackle and prevent moss, algae and mould build up on all hard surfaces. Simply dilute and apply. MMC-Pro is a dynamic combination of anti-viral/anti-bacterial disinfectant, fungicide/algaecide and detergent. It kills moss, algae and mould within 2-4 days and small, diminishing residues will help protect against re-growth for up to 9 months after first application. MMC-Pro is suitable for use on all exterior hard surfaces from drives to roofs and tennis court to block paving. When using MMC-Pro for moss treatment make sure that it is in contact with the stem structure and not just the outer foliage. Apply on Dry surfaces and leave for 3-5 hours for the chemical to take hold and work. The dilution rate varies depending on what you are treating, the table below should act as a guide.

Type of Treatment Dilution Rate Solution Made Pack Coverage
Moss Growth
1:4 with water 25L Dilute 125m²
Algal Growth - Normal
1:4 with water 25L Dilute 125m²
Algal Growth - Light
1:9 with water 50L Dilute 250m²
Key Precautions

Contact with plant life should be minimised. Limited run-off or over-spray onto grass, soil or hardy plants will not normally cause damage, and where heavier run-off or over-spray has occurred, the area should simply be flooded with fresh water. Pets and unprotected persons should be kept off the treated surfaces until the product has first dried (typically 3-5 hours).

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