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Lawn Sand Professional Grass/Paddock Top Dressing


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Lawn Sand Professional Grass/Paddock Top Dressing + Nitrogen Feed & Moss Control

Treats over 14 Sq Metres Per Kilo

Elliott's Lawn Sand may be used at any time during the growing season (April - September).

Application Rates

Apply evenly at a rate of 68g/m.sq (2oz/yd.sq), either by hand or mechanical applicator, ensuring that the applicator is adjusted to deliver the correct rate. When applying by hand, mark out the area to be treated. Avoid drift on to trees, shrubs and other plants. Apply when the soil is moist, e.g. a dewy morning. Do not apply when rain is imminent, during drought or in freezing conditions.

If rain does not fall within two days of application, water thoroughly. Grass should be cut three days before treatment and not cut for at least four days after. Heavy infestations may require a repeat treatment - if necessary, the second treatment may be given three to four weeks later. Scarify vigorously to remove dead moss. If spilt on paving, concrete or clothes, brush off immediately to avoid discolouration.

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