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Large Plant Pots Tree Shrub Plastic Planter Container with Reinforced Rim and Optional Saucers


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Large Plant, Tree, Shrub, Pots with Re-inforced Rims

Our strong black plastic tubs work in all weather and temperatures. There super rigid design make them ideal for the storage of feed or hay. They all come with drainage holes in the bottom, which make them good for drying out hay as well as compost.

We stock varying sizes from 32 litre to 80 litre making them a viable option for all scenarios. The varying size of the tubs make them ideal for storing both small and large quantities of produce.

Ideal for use in and around the garden and house.

Our pots can be bought with saucers to fit. Our plant pot saucers act as a water retention unit, which can not only save you the mess of soily water but can provide a steady source of water to the plants it's under.

The are made from durable HDPE Plastic they will last many seasons before they need replacing.

Please Note All Sizes are approximate

Literage Top Diameter (cm) Height (cm)
32 Litres 42 30
45 Litres 49 35
60 Litres 54 37
80 Litres 61 43
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