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Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine and Coarse | Organic Crystals


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100% Organic Himalayan Pink Salts | 250g - 25kg

Pristine and pure, hidden away from modern-day pollutants in the atmosphere (such as carbon monoxide or nitrates) until removed by hand, this gift from Mother Nature contains more minerals than Dead Sea Salt.

The unique crystalline structure of Himalayan Mountain salt was forged two hundred and fifty million years ago by the heat and pressure generated as the Himalayan Massif forced itself up from the ancient sea bed between tectonic plates.

The salt here has been harvested for over three thousand years and today is still valued for its quality world-wide. It contains many different minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and over 84 other minerals and trace eleemtns.

Chemical Analysis
Chloride as NaCL 96.73%
Calcium as Ca2+ 0.14%
Magnesium as Mg2+ 0.08%
Sulphate as SO42- 1.29%
Moisture 0.11%
Water insoluble matter 0.17%
Iron as Fe2+ 0.06 ppm

It has been reported that the use of Himalayan Pink Salts helps with:

  • Bathing is recommended at 250g-400g per bath
  • Aid in proper metabolism functioning and strengthen bones
  • Sharpen vital brain functions and improve mental clarity
  • Anti-ageing; rids the body of acidic wastes that cause degeneration
  • Peaceful, relaxed quality of energy, better moods, positive thoughts
  • Helps to ease cramps all over the body
  • Promotes sinus health and function, also helps to prevent congestion
  • Regulates and purifies critical body fluid levels
  • Helps create an electrolyte balance
  • Purifying, detoxifying to the blood
  • Essential minerals replenishes vital electrolytes
  • Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently by the body.
  • Create an electrolyte balance
  • Can be used to support the treatment of eczema and psoriasis

Please Note: May contain other natural organic sediment

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