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Sinclair's Growmore 7-7-7 Multipurpose General Plant Food / Fertiliser


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Growmore is a multi-purpose plant food with an even balance of nutrients to feed all the plants in your garden. A single application forked well into the soil will last up to 2 months. Alternatively, Growmore can be applied to the soil surface once a month to keep your plants well fed throughout the growing season.

Contains a balanced blend of the three major plant foods essential for strong, healthy growth

Promotes heavy crops of fruit and vegetables, and beautiful flowers

Also ideal as a pre-seeding fertiliser for use before laying turf or sowing grass seed

Apply throughout the growing season

General Plant Feeding

Scatter 70g/m² on to the soil. Lightly fork or hoe in. Repeat once a month through the growing season.

Planting Up and Care of Patio Containers

Mix 35g with 2 or 3 handfuls of compost or soil. Distribute this evenly around the bottom and sides of the hole. Fill the middle with compost and plants. After 2 months feed by scattering a handful round the plants and lightly fork in.

Preparing Beds, Borders and Vegetable Plots

Scatter 140g/m² onto the soil 7 – 10 days before planting or sowing. Fork well in. For salad crops use half the quantity.

Application Advice

Use the recommended amount

Apply evenly between the plants, without touching the plant itself

Avoid using on windy days

Water well in after applying

Wash hands after use


Store in a cool, dry place away from children, pets and foodstuffs

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