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Base Fertiliser Blended Pro Grower Fruit Veg Flowers Potatoes


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Base Fertiliser Blended Pro Grower

15-9-20+9.5%So3+1.8%MgO+Trace Elements

Base Fertiliser Blended Pro Grower is made for perfect maximum crops of potatos. Made from Ammonium Phosphate, Ammonium Nitrate, Keiserite, Sulphate of Potash and Muriate of Potash to create an early season fertiliser that's not only great for high potash fruits & vegetables but also benefits tuberous crops.

Application Rates: Seed Bed/Pre-Plant/Base Dressing
Covered Bed 30g/m2 Outdoor Bed 50g/m2
Potatoes 100g/m2 Flower Bed 50g/m2
Brassicas 70g/m2 Soft Fruit 30g/m2
Top Fruit 20g/m2 Strawberries 20g/m2

Please Note

As with any blended fertiliser an even distribution of all the granules will achieve best results. These application rates are general guidance only and your final results may vary on many other factors beyond plant nourishments.

The appearance of this fertiliser can change between batches due to the raw ingredients used in production.

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